About Us

Born Into The Trade

My name is Tom Dyos and my father, John, owner of Nis Spec 1st, has been in the auto-parts trade for many years. By the time I was a young man he was a major yard consultant, travelling around the world. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to travel and live in the same countries with him, and as a result, I learned about the automobile trade in other countries.

Eventually settling in Mid-Wales we opened a small yard generalising in all vehicles. I worked weekends for pocket money and some years later my father specialised in Nissans which began Nis Spec 1st, now a leading Nissan parts specialist.

Working in the sales department I found that a lot of our customers were struggling to get parts for 4x4's. I bought a couple of Ford Rangers for parts which my customers specifically needed and it was not long before having these parts I ended up buying more vehicles to supply the demand. Parts4Pickups was born and due to our excellent customer service, and expertise we've been steadily growing since. Give us a call and find out what we can do for you. We aim to deliver!

Caring for the Enviroment

Parts4Pickups is a family business and it is integral to our business philosophy that we minimise our impact to the environment. We believe it is essential to preserve our habitat for our children and the generations that follow. Our low-mileage vehicles are processed through our depolution centre before we strip and test the parts ensuring they meet our high-quality standards. We recycle all the parts which meet these standards and dispose of the waste responsibly. Rest assured, even our packaging is made from recycled material!